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[SECURITY] [DLA 203-1] openldap security update

Package        : openldap
Version        : 2.4.23-7.3+deb6u1
CVE IDs        : CVE-2012-1164 CVE-2013-4449 CVE-2014-9713 CVE-2015-1545
Debian Bugs    : 663644 729367 761406 776988 

Multiple vulnerabilities were found in OpenLDAP, a free implementation
of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Please carefully check whether you are affected by CVE-2014-9713: if you
are, you will need to manually upgrade your configuration! See below for
more details on this. Just upgrading the packages might not be enough!


    Fix a crash when doing an attrsOnly search of a database configured 
    with both the rwm and translucent overlays.


    Michael Vishchers from Seven Principles AG discovered a denial of
    service vulnerability in slapd, the directory server implementation.
    When the server is configured to used the RWM overlay, an attacker
    can make it crash by unbinding just after connecting, because of an
    issue with reference counting.


    The default Debian configuration of the directory database allows
    every users to edit their own attributes. When LDAP directories are
    used for access control, and this is done using user attributes, an
    authenticated user can leverage this to gain access to unauthorized
    Please note this is a Debian specific vulnerability.
    The new package won't use the unsafe access control rule for new
    databases, but existing configurations won't be automatically
    modified. Administrators are incited to look at the README.Debian
    file provided by the updated package if they need to fix the access
    control rule.


     Ryan Tandy discovered a denial of service vulnerability in slapd.
     When using the deref overlay, providing an empty attribute list in
     a query makes the daemon crashes.

Thanks to Ryan Tandy for preparing this update.

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