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[SECURITY] [DLA 118-1] linux-2.6 security update

Package        : linux-2.6
Version        : 2.6.32-48squeeze10
CVE ID         : CVE-2014-3185 CVE-2014-3687 CVE-2014-3688 CVE-2014-6410
                 CVE-2014-7841 CVE-2014-8709 CVE-2014-8884

Non-maintainer upload by the Squeeze LTS and Kernel Teams.

New upstream stable release, see
http://lkml.org/lkml/2014/12/13/81 for more information.

The stable release includes the following new commits compared
to the previous 2.6.32-48squeeze9 package:

 - USB: whiteheat: Added bounds checking for bulk command response
 - net: sctp: fix panic on duplicate ASCONF chunks (CVE-2014-3687)
 - net: sctp: fix remote memory pressure from excessive queueing
 - udf: Avoid infinite loop when processing indirect ICBs (CVE-2014-6410)
 - net: sctp: fix NULL pointer dereference in af->from_addr_param on
   malformed packet (CVE-2014-7841)
 - mac80211: fix fragmentation code, particularly for encryption
 - ttusb-dec: buffer overflow in ioctl (CVE-2014-8884)

We recommend that you upgrade your linux-2.6 packages.

We apologize for a minor cosmetic glitch:

The following commits were already included in 2.6.32-48squeeze9 despite
claims in debian/changelog they were only fixed in 2.6.32-48squeez10:

 - vlan: Don't propagate flag changes on down interfaces.
 - sctp: Fix double-free introduced by bad backport in
 - md/raid6: Fix misapplied backport in
 - block: add missing blk_queue_dead() checks
 - block: Fix blk_execute_rq_nowait() dead queue handling
 - proc connector: Delete spurious memset in proc_exit_connector()

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