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[SECURITY] [DLA 75-1] mysql-5.1 security update

Package        : mysql-5.1
Version        : 5.1.73-1+deb6u1
CVE ID         : CVE-2013-2162 CVE-2014-0001 CVE-2014-4274

This update fixes one important vulnerability (CVE-2014-4274) and batches
together two other minor fixes (CVE-2013-2162, CVE-2014-0001).


    Insecure handling of a temporary file that could lead to abritrary
    execution of code through the creation of a mysql configuration file
    pointing to an attacker-controlled plugin_dir.


    Insecure creation of the debian.cnf credential file. Credentials could
    be stolen by a local user monitoring that file while the package gets


    Buffer overrun in the MySQL client when the server sends a version
    string that is too big for the allocated buffer.

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