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[DLA 20-1] munin security update

Package        : munin
Version        : 1.4.5-3+deb6u1
CVE ID         : CVE-2012-3512 CVE-2013-6048 CVE-2013-6359

[ Christoph Biedl ]
* munin-node: more secure state file handling, introducing a new plugin
  state directory root, owned by uid 0. Then each plugin runs in its own
  UID plugin state directory, owned by that UID. (Closes: #684075),
  (Closes: #679897), closes CVE-2012-3512.
* plugins: use runtime $ENV{MUNIN_PLUGSTATE}. So all properly written
  plugins will use /var/lib/munin-node/plugin-state/$uid/$some_file now -
  please report plugins that are still using /var/lib/munin/plugin-state/ -
  as those  might pose a security risk!
* Validate multigraph plugin name, CVE-2013-6048.
* Don't abort data collection for a node due to malicious node, fixing
  munin#1397, CVE-2013-6359.

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