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Re: Status Debian Etch and LSB 3.1

Fernando Ike de Oliveira wrote:
Hi Folks,

   I looked LSB Distribution Status of the LSB page[1] and there is
written that the Debian Etch is as planned to LSB 3.1, but I remember
that the Etch was launched[2] as compatible with LSB 3.1.
   Change status to "certified" is easy? And as I can help it? =)

Yes; I was working on Debian's certification, but got bogged down in other issues.

In the meantime, there was an obscure X library issue that appeared in an etch update. I have yet to track down the issue, partially because the problem uncovered a test bug, and I wasn't sure that the problem wasn't entirely in the test. But now the test bug is fixed, and I need to revisit the issue.

Modulo the X issue, there should be no reason why etch cannot be LSB-certified, apart from just getting the work done. I can guide anyone who wants to help with this.

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