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Re: RM: lsbappchk -- RoM; superseded by lsb-appchk2 and lsb-appchk3 and obsolete

"Ian Murdock" writes...

> LSB 2 is obsolete too, so I would recommend removing lsb-appchk2 as well.
> All users should be targeting LSB 3.

You are right that the v3 tools should be the recommended ones.
But I can still see a need to be able to test LSB 2 compliance:

* for use when targeting older releases of distros that only have LSB 2
  compliance (or as a common denominator when targeting multiple)
* for comparison with LSB 3 when evaluating apps
* to be able to test (historic) claims of LSB 2 compliance (similar
    argument to putting things in "oldlibs")

I think maybe the policy should be to support N and N-1 for these tools. For 
LSB runtime support we may want to support as many versions as is easily 
possible. I think LSB 1.x stuff should still work, although I don't know if 
anyone has run the 1.x tests in a really long time.

Matt Taggart

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