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LSB dynamic linker packages available

At long last, LSB dynamic linker packages are available that are at
least close to bring LSB compliance to Debian.

There are two source packages and four binary packages, as follows:

  source glibc-lsb: binary ldso-lsb, libc6[.1]-lsb
  source pam-lsb: binary libpam0g-lsb, libpam-modules-lsb

These packages can be downloaded at the following locations:


Four architectures are supported in theory: i386, amd64, ia64, and
powerpc.  In fact, however, no powerpc binaries have been built, and
problems with ia64 builds meant that the ia64 binaries for glibc-lsb
aren't there.  Architecture support is not final by all means; i386 is
the only architecture tested so far.  Patches are welcome, both to fix
any problems found in supported architectures and to add architectures.

New test results will be forthcoming, but by my testing, Debian 3.1
sarge plus these four binary packages should be nearly all the way to
LSB compliance.  The following issues still remain:

 - Both XFree86 and X.org have a bug regarding the misspelling of
"diaeresis" in an include file, which causes an error in keysym support
for Greek iota that the tests catch.

 - In some of my tests, there has been a problem with C++ locale
support.  I have been unable to verify to this point whether this is a
problem with my test setup or whether this is a real bug.

 - The symlinks necessary to use this subsystem are, at times,
overwritten by the lsb-core package.  Thus, lsb-core may need to be
modified to be compatible.

Thanks to Xandros for some technical assistance, plus many helpful
suggestions given to me by Debian developers at DebConf.

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