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LSB 2.0 for sarge

Hi all,

Recently, as part of my day job, I started working on getting our
distribution, Sun Wah RAYS LX, LSB 2.0 certified. Because RAYS LX is
largely based on sarge, I believe our experience would apply to sarge
also, and so other people might be interested.

Basically, apart from the problems Jeff Licquia have already outlined,
we found that the pthread_create() tests in lsb-runtime-test require
NPTL >= 0.61. However, the NPTL in libc6 2.3.2.ds1-16 is still NPTL
0.60. The problem manifests itself in bug #266507; the patch found in
#266507 did address this somewhat, but unfortunately was not enough to
pass the LSB tests.

We are now trying to rerun the tests with glibc CVS HEAD to see if this
solves the problem, but of course doing so means that we will be
deviating significantly from sarge, (especially given that libc6 is such
a core package), and we don't want to do that...

Any thoughts from others?


  Roger So                 Community Representative
  Sun Wah Linux Limited    Chinese Platform Developer
  Tel: +852 2250 0230      roger.so@sw-linux.com
  Fax: +852 2259 9112      http://www.sw-linux.com/

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