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Re: LSB status of sarge?

On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 09:18, Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader
> Has anyone ran the LSB test suite on sarge recently?  If there are any
> outstanding issues, we have to fix them *now* so it would be great if
> someone (Progeny?  Matt Taggart?) could post an update.

I have been focused on LSB 2.0 recently, and have recent test results
there.  As you may be aware, we were able to certify an older version of
the Progeny Componentized Linux core to LSB 1.3.  The only glitch we ran
into there was a problem with lpr, which has been fixed according to
lpr's changelog.

I'm working off memory right now, but here are the issues I foresee:

 - glibc's glob() and globfree() implementation has a double-free
problem, which causes one LSB test to hang.  See bug 264884.  Note that
this will likely affect LSB 1.x certification as well.

 - i18n problems with diff and coreutils.  These are issues with
upstream hesitance in accepting the patches sent by the OpenI18N team. 
I have been told that these problems will be waived until the patches
are accepted upstream.  OTOH, the problems relate to multibyte support
in these utilities, I'm told, and so I'd expect the problems to really
affect some of our users as well.

 - LSB 2.0 will require a new version of the dynamic linker,
ld-lsb.so.2.  Symlinking this to ld-linux works, just as it did for LSB

 - possible changes in the requirements for LSB 2.0 regarding provided

 - possible problems regarding FHS changes, such as /srv and /media

I will be looking into this very soon, and will report back on other

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