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RE: LSB and architecture names in Debian


>We are presently having a discussion on debian-amd64 about the name of
>Debian's amd64 port.  The point came up that LSB mandates x86_64 for
>this port, and that it also mandates RPM.  The point also 
>arose that LSB
>mandates ppc, but we use powerpc.
>Therefore, we are curious about your (the LSB people) take on this.  Is
>compliance with LSB in this regard simply a matter of making alien
>convert ppc to powerpc and x86_64 to amd64?  Or is there something else
>involved?  If so, what?  How is this handled for powerpc?

Right now, LSB only calls out the architecture in the rpm package -
e.g. we don't care about the filename of the package.  So an
alien conversion here is fine.

The lsb_release command, as of LSB 2.0, must now expose the
architecture name, and that one also needs to be the LSB-specified
name.  The current sample implementation of lsb-release does 
this by using the "arch" command, but the return value of arch
is not called out by LSB so this might be something to keep in mind.


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