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lsb-runtime-test install problem found

Hi debian-lsb,

The bug causing the failures seen by Jeff, myself, and others, where 
lsb-runtime-tests that failed could be fixed by reinstalling the alien'd deb, 
has been found.

When alien creates install scripts that reset the ownership and permissions to 
what they were in the rpm, it was taking advantange of a certain behavior in 
chmod/chown that was recently changed in coreutils. The new behavior causes 
setuid files to lose their setuidness when chown'd. So tests that needed to be 
setuid weren't and that caused problems.

Thanks to Anthony Towns for finding the bug and proposing a fix, and Joey Hess 
for fixing and uploading a new alien(version 8.36).

So when converting the lsb-runtime-test rpm with alien -c you want to use 
version 8.36 or newer.


Matt Taggart

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