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Re: Bug#186140: Bug#206210: diff: does not comply with LSB 1.3 (fwd)

Michael Stone wrote:

Signficiantly, this is from an FAQ for LSB certification, not from the
LSB standards document. IOW, OpenI18N is part of LSB certification but
seperate from the LSB specification.

More and more parts of OpenI18n are being merged into the LSB specification, so I think the goal is to merge both documents.

Surprisingly, the OpenI18n authors do think that the multi-byte character requirements have been merged into LSB 1.3. From the OpenI18n 1.3 changelog at http://www.openi18n.org/docs/text/OpenI18N-V13-changes.txt:

--- cut here ---

4. Shells and Utilities
(2) Requirements

-The utilities implementation

  -- Removed the commands specified in LSB 1.3 from (d) Text Processing.

--- cut here ---

However, I must admit that -- like you -- I could not find such a requirement in the LSB 1.3 specification.

Which is half-assed. If utf8 support is a goal we need to support it
across the board.

This surely is the long-term goal. But we need to get there step by step and IMHO should start with the basic utilities, like OpenI18n does.

IMO it is way too late in the cycle to add such a massive and
invasive patch.

The patch must have been integrated by Red Hat and SuSE, otherwise their latest distributions wouldn't be LSB 1.3 certified. So it has at least been tested by others - like the patches to diffutils.

I'd much rather have that sort of change introduced in the
upstream version rather than as a debian-specific change.

You're not the only one. Could you talk again to the upstream authors?

Among other issues, I seriously doubt
that this patch covers all multibyte issues in the coreutils package.

You are probably correct here, but, again, this is a start.

IMHO being LSB 1.3 compliant without being able to successfully run the test suite (i.e. the possibilty of getting a certification) is worth nothing. We are very close, so I think we should try to get an LSB 1.3 certification for sarge - but this must be decided by the RM and/or DPL. I think it should be decided as soon as possible so in case LSB certification is not a release goal we can spend our time on other important issues.


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