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Fwd: Debian Nordic 2022 & 2023 -- Wiki Updated & Matrix Server Move

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From: Luna Jernberg <droidbittin@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 11:06:51 +0200
Subject: Debian Nordic 2022 & 2023 -- Wiki Updated & Matrix Server Move
To: debian-dug-nordic <debian-dug-nordic@lists.debian.org>,
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<pere@hungry.com>, pere <pere@debian.org>, Per Andersson
<avtobiff@debian.org>, Helio Loureiro <helio@loureiro.eng.br>

Hello Debianites!

I updated the Wiki page during the meeting of Local Teams at Debconf
2022 in Kosovo
Don't have the energy to host any events myself
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/Nordic and not sure if anyone
wanna host something this year, but guessed maybe we can have
something at the psychical foss-north 2023 in Gothenburg in April
2023: https://foss-north.se/

And also there was discussions about making the Matrix Chat server
more official and move it from :debian.social to :debian.org
https://pad.dc22.debconf.org/p/4-debiansocial-bof there will be
another meeting about this 23:e August 20:00-21.00

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