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Debian live Buster changes

Hello debian-live@lists,

I’m sure other people already know this but someone migrating from Debian live stretch to Debian live buster needs to be aware of the following changes. When you install live-build and live-config from the repositories of Buster and you want to create a build environment with “lb config” it will default to “stretch”. To overcome this problem (Thanks Jacek Kowalczyk) use the command # lb config --debian-installer live -d buster .

Next for persistent encryption to work you need to delete the following script in this directory config/hooks/normal/0030-enable-cryptsetup.hook.chroot . You need to delete this hook, which is generated when running the lb config command, because cryptsetup is no longer enabled in initramfs-tools. Cryptsetup is now enabled in this file: “/etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook”.

Here is the replacement script that you add to config/hooks/normal/


set -e

echo "setting up cryptsetup-initramfs"

echo 'CRYPTSETUP=y'  >>    /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook

All encrypted drives will now be found. If you make a new script don’t forget to delete the old one (0030-enable-cryptsetup.hook.chroot). For details on encrypted persistence consult the live manual.


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