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Re: lb config for buster => building stretch ?

> I had this issue, among many others, and found it to be that Live
> Build was occasionally building the iso in the root folder instead of
> the folder my config settings were in (in my home folder). 
No luck on that, my /root is clean.
I really have no clue. Maybe an obscure syntaxe problem in config that
makes it ignores the argument --distribution "buster" ? Is there
a way to check ?

> give us the entire command sequence so I am not sure of you have cd
> into another directory apart from the root.
The command I used are pretty straightforward, I don't thing there
anything to it :
$ su
$ cd "path/to/my/live-build-project" #containing config auto and such
$ lb clean --all
$ lb config
$ lb build

I think the problem might come from my ./auto/config directory
containing this : 
lb config noauto \
    -a "amd64" --linux-flavours "amd64" \
    --debian-installer "live" \
    --debian-installer-gui "true" \
    --memtest "memtest86" \
    --distribution "buster" \
    --debian-installer-distribution "daily" \
    --iso-application "otybian" \
    --iso-volume "otybian" \
    --mode "debian" \
    --system "live" \
    --archive-areas "main contrib" \
    --security "true" \
    --updates "true" \
    --backports "false" \
    --binary-filesystem "fat32" \
    --binary-images "iso-hybrid" \
    --apt-indices "true" \
    --apt-recommends "true" \
    --apt-secure "true" \
    --apt-source-archives "false" \
    --firmware-binary "true" \
    --firmware-chroot "true" \
    --win32-loader "false" \
    --memtest "none" \
    --clean \
    --debug \
    --verbose \
    --source "false" \

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