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Bug#922251: live-build: support syslinux-efi as (additional) bootloader

Hi Adrian,

I just updated the MR with the changes I discussed in my previous mail
(and also listed below). My previous mail also contained some responses
and questions, if you have some time to respond to those that would be

> > >>> 3) Remove ldlinux.c32 for extlinux and syslinux (6fc68c1d)
I moved this into its own MR:

> > Well, I think you should use something else.
> > modules32 is 9 characters long (not 8.3 compatible). What about module32
> > and module64? So that we can reuse the code in the iso side when
> > isolinux is updated to support hybrid isos in efi mode ?
> Good point, hadn't considered 8.3 compatibility. Singular "module32"
> sounds a bit weird to me, but it is probably clearer than something like
> "mods32" or even just "c32" (the latter seems reasonable, except that
> the "c64" directory would then still contain ".c32" files since that's
> what 64-bit syslinux-efi also uses...).
I changed to module32 and module64 now (also using module32 for the bios
modules, for consistency).

> > 6.1)
> > PATH syslinux command is still being written in capital letters in
> > share/bootloaders/syslinux-efi/syslia32.cfg and
> > share/bootloaders/syslinux-efi/syslx64.cfg while it should be written in
> > non-capital letters.
> Good catch, will fix that.



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