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Bug#929364: live-manual out of sync with lasted bug#929271 and live-build changes

Package: live-manual

Hi i separate this issue from bug #929271 where we pointing some
misconfigurations and references out of date, including links of

El mié., 22 de may. de 2019 a la(s) 06:18, Roland Clobus
(rclobus@rclobus.nl) escribió:
> Issue 3: Unrecognized command line option
> As noted in my first response to this bug report, I will update the
> manual to match the current code. The time I spent on writing this mail
> has provided me with lots of information on how to update the manual to
> match the current implementation of the live-image building tools.

i revised the live manual and there's too many work to do.. i can help and
to get sure this are in good made i opened this bug report and please do not
close until we can check that all need references are corrected.. in
any case if think it's not necesary please close as soon as possible

i just now building images with live-build of jessie, strecht and buster
so i can check in mayor way if the results are enought

> I am not aware of these notes, on which URL can I find them?
> It can be that local mirror will not be synced yet or only a partial
> mirror, but you can always add an additional repository.

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