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Bug#887278: live-build should depend on e2fsprogs explicitly


On Mon, 22 Jan 2018, Andreas Henriksson wrote:
> I can only find mke2fs mentioned in a comment:
> https://sources.debian.org/src/live-build/1:20171207/functions/losetup.sh/#L64
> My conclusion is thus that this is a false positive and the bug report
> should simply be closed.
> Would be great to hear from maintainers about what they think of
> potential relationship between live-build and e2fsprogs.

There are multiple calls to mkfs.${MKFS} that have not been detected.
Some of them are already adequately protected by a "Check_package" call
but I believe that scripts/build/binary_hdd and scripts/build/source_hdd
have to be updated.

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