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Planning Buster Live alpha1 release

Dear Debian Live team

Recently, there has been some good discussion about the future of Debian
Live images[1]. One problem that particularly stood out was lack of
testing Debian Live during the stretch cycle and very little testing
right before release.

For Buster, I propose that we aim to release alphas and betas regularly,
as close as possible to the debian-installer releases which have been
really good at doing those in the last few cycles.

On Friday night Steve kicked off builds that we could use for an alpha,
which uses the freshly released d-i alpha. I went ahead and mostly
tested the amd64 images already, i386 still needs to be tested and I
hope to get to those today if no one beats me to it.

More information about where to get images and how test it:

Draft release notes:

This happened a bit spur of the moment, so apologies for not
communicating better on this list. We should have better co-ordination
and hopefully much improved testing infrastructure with every following
upcoming alpha release.

Thanks for reading!


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-live/2017/06/msg00064.html

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