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Bug#874774: live-build: Use of /var/lib/apt/lists internals

On Sat, 09 Sep 2017, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> your package appears to be relying on the internal layout of /var/lib/apt/lists
> and the location of that directory (which is configurable), as it matches the
> following regular expression (and a quick check did not rule out a false positive):
>     /var/lib/apt/lists/.*(Packages|Sources)

live-build is copying those files in a cache to avoid having to download
the files multiple times (when switching between various sources.list).

We could use "apt-get indextargets" to find out the files to copy. But
what's the right way to find where to copy the files back? Keep a trace
of the original path or is there an "apt-config" invocation that can give
us the path directly?

Also how are compressed files named? Do they get a new extension and they
are stored in the same directory?

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