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Getting Debian Live Packages Source Code not working when pinning and extra repos


I'm preparing a Rescatux ( http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/ ) stable release. And I'm quite excited because last stable release was some years ago.

As you might know when you release GPL based binaries you are obliged to provide its source code. And, as part of growing myself as a FLOSS developer I want to get that part right.

  What I tried

According to the live-build manual if you want to generate your Debian Live ISO source code you need to use:

lb config --source true

I personally use:

lb config --source true --source-images tar

so that everything is found in just two tar files.

  Extra repositories and pinning

Rescatux cannot have its full capabilities without taking some additional packages from here and there.

* Selinux packages are needed from SID because they are not present in Jessie. I add a sid repo and pinning for that matter. * Boot-repair is used from an Ubuntu PPA. I happen to obtain its source code from its repo in an additional step in my source code build process. I mention it here because it's quite similar to the Selinux case. * Custom tails-greeter packages for nice keyboard selection at login screen

  What I get
I get the source code from all of the packages which are found on the default repo (the jessie one).

  What I want
I want the sid packages source code when those are choosen by pinning and the boot-repair ones too. I do not expect the packages I install manually (deb packages) to have its source code sorted out.

  Live-build code dive preview
The main work is done at: scripts/build/source_debian where not additional repos or pinning are taken into account. The place where additional repos and pinning is taking into account is: scripts/build/chroot_archives but if I'm not mistaken this is only used when installing packages.

So I guess I'll need to figure out how to reuse chroot_archives from source_debian if it's possible. Or maybe enhacing source_debian so that it reuses some copied parts from chroot_archives.

  A warning
If you are developing a Debian Live based distribution which relied only on "lb config --source true" to comply with GPL requirements that happens to have additional repos then you should help me on fixing this issue or find a workaround.

Finally, should I fill a bug or am I missing something obvious?
Thank you.

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