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Re: An abrupt End to Debian Live

El 09/11/15 a las 13:47, Daniel Baumann escribió:
> [ I don't know why this post is not showing up on planet.debian.org:
> https://danieltmp.wordpress.com/2015/11/09/an-abrupt-end-to-debian-live/
> I am sending it here by mail now. ]

I'm part of developer team for Huayra GNU/Linux [1] a debian derivated
distro that shipped in more than MILLON of netbooks to high school
students in past years. And today the State was delivered about
5.316.988 netbooks

I was very sad this news. Debian Live and specific tool live-builder is
our main build system and the BEST tool to make live systems. (including
compare on other gnu/linux distributions)

The Daniel (and another contribs) work was excelent.

Please, Debian developers must still support this project.

[1] http://huayra.conectarigualdad.gob.ar
[2] http://www.conectarigualdad.gob.ar
Fernando Toledo
Dock Sud BBS

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