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Re: An abrupt End to Debian Live

On 09/11/15 12:47 PM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> So long, and thanks for all the fish[7].
> Daniel
> [7] http://live.debian.net/project/downstream/

Enough bitter words have been said. I don't want to add any more. So:

I'm proud.

Indeed, that long list of downstreams does speak to the impact you've
had in inspiring and equipping people to make their own live images. I'm
proud to have been a small part of this project.

I'm thankful.

I'm thankful that I was able to, through this project, contribute to
something for a while that had a positive impact on many people, and
made Debian more awesome.

I remember the good times.

I remember fondly the good times we had in the project's heyday. I
certainly found your enthusiasm and vision for the project, Daniel,
personally inspiring. It motivated me to contribute. Debconf10 was a
highlight among those experiences, but also I had many good times and
made many friendships online, too.

I'm sad.

I'm sad, because although I made some attempts to liaise between Debian
Live and the CD and Installer teams, I don't feel I did an effective job
there, and that contributed to the situation we now find ourselves in.
If I did you or the project injury in trying to fulfill that role,
please forgive me.

I'm hopeful.

I'm hopeful that whichever way we all go from here, that the bitterness
will not be forever. That we'll heal. That we'll have learned. That
we'll move on to accomplish new things, bigger and better things.

Thank you, Daniel. Thank you, Debian Live team.


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