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Re: UEFI support in live images

There has been some discussion of this at Refracta forums.

Posted here is what worked for me, to boot in EUFI mode from a syslinux-prepared live USB (but I never tried from a CD).: http://www.exegnulinux.net/refracta/experimental/usb_efi_boot.tar.gz

I use custom Devuan-based live images but this should work for any debian-live type image.

A full EUFI-mode installation is possible using the refracta-installer.

On 6 November 2015 at 13:42, Trostel Alain <Alain.Trostel@haslerrail.com> wrote:

I found the statement that there is not support for UEFI in the live
images under the following link:


Is this still true? And if not how can it be added in the generation
process of the live images?

Best regards,
Alain Trostel

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