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Re: On how can the current different po4a and gettext versions affect live-manual translation workflow

On Mon, 19 May 2014 14:23:34 +0200
chals wrote:

to make thing clear:

this is not a po4a's issue i believe
 as i can see no change to change behavior between those 2 versions.

i also compared 2 versions of gettext but the diff was 160k of lines,
and 18k lines remains after dropped for some os specific changes,
gave up :p

> Let's go straight to the point now. live-manual uses po4a which in
> turn uses gettext. po4a's version in wheezy is 0.42 and po4a's
> versions in jessie/sid are 0.45.
> The text alignment or text justification algorithm in both versions is
> different. Version 0.42 splits non-alphanumeric symbols whereas
> version 0.45 does not split them. So:
> If someone regenerates the manuals (using the makefile) with po4a 0.45
> there are hundreds of strings from dozens of po files that are changed
> in the po files.

as i said above, i believe po4a version 0.42 or 0.45 is not an issue

> No one can assure whether this workaround will still be valid in the
> long run but it would certainly avoid problems as of now.

this issue will remain until translators have gettext >=0.18.3
so it may continue more 4 years :p

note: some other solutions exist:
    the issue is caused by po4a's behavior changing both src (po) and
    document (ssi), and this workflow can be changed

    by using --no-translations option and per file operation such as: 
  po4a-translate -f text -m en/appendix_style-guide.ssi \
  -p po/ja/appendix_style-guide.ssi.po -l ja/appendix_style-guide.ssi

    or by using po4a-gettextize to create/update pot
    and let msgmerge sync translation

    maybe others

no need to CC me :-)
http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/163846 0.0.1
http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/163848 0.0.1

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