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Bug#746966: debian-live: HiDPI support needed for debian-installer

reassign 746966 debian-installer
retitle 746966 HiDPI support

On 05/04/2014 01:45 PM, Chris Bainbridge wrote:
> After booting the netinst iso, the text of the Debian installer is
> very small on HiDPI displays, for many users it will be  unreadable.
> This problem is going to get worse as higher resolution 4k laptops
> begin to appear.

right, however..

> I am filing this against debian-live as it seems that early in the
> boot process would be the right place to reconfigure the console

debian-installer is not touched/configured by debian-live at all, so
debian-installer needs to handle that (and should handle that, after all
we'd want to fix the problem there, regardless if the installer ist
booted from a d-i image or a d-l image). thus, reassigning to

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