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Bug#731709: Preliminary patch for EFI boot support in live-build


thank you for flying xorriso.

I already asked at debian-cd why the option -isohybrid-apm-hfsplus
is used with a boot image that contains a FAT filesystem.
The option advertises the FAT in an Apple Partition Map as HFS+
It is rather intended to advertise a HFS+ image for booting Macs
according to  http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/11285.html .

So my question here too:
Is there any system known which would demand the EFI image to be
presented in an Apple Partition Map as HFS+ ?

If this is just a copy from debian-cd without particular reason,
then please consider to omit -isohybrid-apm-hfsplus and to watch
out for some user who would really need it.
In this case i am willing to develop a xorrisofs option which is
more appropriate for FAT in APM.
But actually i doubt that this is ever needed.

Be warned that xorriso-1.2.4 to xorriso-1.2.8 produced a wrong CRC
in the GPT header. See Debian bug 740504.
It seems not to hamper bootability but keeps partition editors
from working on the partition map.
Current release is:

(Please Cc: me with replies. Somehow bug subscription does not
 work for me.)

Have a nice day :)


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