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RE: Live CD default sshd install allowed root privileges to be gained

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> From: grihad@gmail.com
> Sent: Fri, 31 Jan 2014 17:55:51 +0400
> To: debian-live@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Live CD default sshd install allowed root privileges to be
> gained
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> The break in was caused by the fact that Debian's Live CD installed and
> enabled SSH server to run (with PermitRootLogin enabled) without telling
> me about it - I don't need an SSH server at home and would never run it
> in this way with an easy to guess root password, which was simply root,
> because I would never use the root account for logging in via network
> and would definitely harden SSH configuration with AllowUsers, public
> keys, firewall etc. I did install & enable a permissive iptables
> firewall ("deny by default"), but a day or two after the break-in, long
> before I detected the intrusion and what caused it.

The problem appears to all come down to the poor choice of using
root as the root password.

If you are arguing for a change in behavior/action then you should state
what change you desire and present an argument for such change.

As far as I know upstream ships with rootlogin enabled, and the debian
maintainers have considered the issue and left it as is.

What exactly are you wanting in regards to this issue?

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