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Can't find gpg key used to sign live cds


i want to verify the checksum files of current debian live cds. gpg says they 
were signed with key id AD11CF6A. The instructions on http://keyring.debian.
org/ say this key is included in debian gpg keyring:

pub   4096R/AD11CF6A 2013-05-06
      Key fingerprint = 1E4F 435C 4E9A 42B3 D9DF  BE3A 510A D6B9 AD11 CF6A
uid             Debian Live Signing Key (2013) <debian-live@lists.debian.org>

I apt-get latest debian-keyring.deb. But still

gpg --verify MD5SUMS.sign

claims key not found. When i let gpg list the content of the gpg files that 
came with debian-keyring.deb this key seems not included. And running 
http://db.debian.org/ LDAP search for the fingerprint gave no result.

Did i get it wrong? What can i do?


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