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Re: debian-live persistence problem with /etc/network/interfaces


On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 5:13 AM, PAM <pam@mifamofi.net> wrote:

I'm trying to create a live usb key, but I'm stuck to a problem I can't solve.

I'm using boot=live persistence toram option as kernel options

On a second partition of the live usb I put an ext3 partition with a label persistence

whatever the options I put in persistence.conf,
for example:
/ union

/etc union
/usr union

/etc link


/root seems to work (I can touch files, and delete them accross reboot)
but /etc/network/interfaces is always rewritten!

even if I boot without persistence, mod the file and reboot, the file is overwritten (on the persistence partition also!)

What mechanism I didn't understand? Any Idea?

PS: Sorry for my english it's not my natural language.

Try adding the following to boot param:


I believe this information is in live-boot man page.



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