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Re: custom kernel and no initrd in /live

El 21/01/14 17:10, Fernando Toledo escribió:
> Hi all
> i generate a custom kernel package (based on vanilla 3.13)
> and want to know if can i use this kernel to boot the live system.
> i put the package name in config/pacakges-lists/my-kernel.list
> and it is installed i see the kernel file in /live (and vmlinuz1 and
> vmlinuz2 as usual) but i dont see the initrd for that kernel.
> i found old posts in the list talking about to add a hook to run
> update-iniramfs.
> need i create a config/hooks/update-init.binary? to solved this?
i found ahoter interesting post from

Re: Why does Live Helper does not generate initrd.img if a custom kernel
is applied

    Kernel name convention is critical for custom kernel and Live Helper

    For 32bit use this:

    For 64bit use this:

    Command to generate these:

    fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-686
--revision=2.6.36 kernel_image

    fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-amd64
--revision=2.6.36 kernel_image


is the kernel package name critical to live helper get correctly?
my packages are:


we use make-kpkg --initrd --revision 1.0huayra kernel_image kerner_headers

Fernando Toledo
Dock Sud BBS

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