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Persistence and USB stick

Dear Live Debian users,

I am trying to install my own home server using live debian Wheezy on a USB key. For the moment, I have enabled the persistence mode which works great. To do so, I have created a partition on the space left of the USB stick. Finally, I have created  a persistence.conf file containing the line "/ union".

Since the whole system and file system are written to the USB key, my main concern is how much the write process is done on the key. Obvisouly, I would like to make it as little as possible.

So, my questions are the following:
- could I manually specify by command line when the file system should be written into the usb key?
- when exactly is done the write process? I am wondering if this is done when shutting down the server. If so, it could be a problem if a power failure happens.

Thanks a lot for your advices!


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