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Loading debian-live's filesystem.squashfs from NTFS with ntfs-3g


is it possible to load filesystem.squashfs from an NTFS filesystem using the ntfs-3g driver? While it's easy to load it from NTFS with the ntfs.ko module, this blocks write access to the NTFS-formatted partition. Reason: /lib/live/mounts/medium is mounted readonly and "mount -oremount,rw" isn't supported by ntfs.ko (it returns an error message saying just that).

I tried to look at the code inside initrd.img and stumbled over a few references to ntfs-3g, but it seems it doesn't work or isn't meant to be used with boot=live, rather, only with boot=local or some other boot parameter (where it doesn't make sense, IMO).

Could anybody shed some light on this and tell me how it can be done?


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