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Re: Where's the .iso?

Please keep the conversation on the list ... I've added it back to CC ...

On 30/11/13 10:10 AM, P P wrote:
> Same thing again.   Not there.
> http://cgi.build.live-systems.org/build/20131130.015547.248931973/log

Like I said, it's due to these errors in the log:

E: Unable to locate package virtualbox-guest-dkms
E: Unable to locate package virtualbox-guest-utils
E: Unable to locate package virtualbox-guest-x11

In sid, these packages are no longer in main. They're in contrib. Hence
the errors, and that's what breaks your build.

Technical background:

Ultimately, this is because all of the -desktop configurations from
live-images still unconditionally include these packages, whether or not
the archive-areas includes contrib. This is a known bug in live-images
we were discussing on irc a couple of days ago. There's no easy solution
here because currently the package lists don't support nested
conditional includes (one condition is which distribution is selected,
and the second is archive areas). We agreed in principle on solving this
by only applying one condition (the archive areas) in updated versions
of live-images, and for stable, building against the older live-images
currently in sid. This, however, will require further changes to the cgi
builder code to fix.

If you didn't follow that, the summary is: yes, we're aware of this
issue in live-images, have a plan for fixing it, and there is no
workaround yet, aside from building the images yourself with live-build.
You'll just have to wait until we get it working again on the cgi
builder. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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