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io GNU/Linux... new iso uploded :)

Hi :)

I'm glad to share with you a new iso of "io GNU/Linux", a live dvd/usb focused 
on multimedia and based on Debian Sid.

Kernel 3.11, Jack2 as default sound server, e17+ecomorph as desktop 
environment and more nice stuff ;)
-> http://manu.kebab.free.fr/io.gnu.linux-v2/io-live-hybrid-686-pae--2013.10.04-15.27.packages.html

To create a bootable USB stick please refer to:
-> http://live.debian.net/manual/3.x/html/live-manual/the-basics.en.html#186

For more infos, screenshots gallery, video etc... Please visit:
-> http://manu.kebab.free.fr/iognulinux.html
-> https://sourceforge.net/projects/io-gnu-linux/

Enjoy :)


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