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Re: lock kernel upgrade

On 28/06/13 09:29 AM, vinc3nt wrote:
> Ben Armstrong:
>> Therefore ... if you didn't read between the lines here ... this
>> properly belongs as a live-config (run-time) configuration.
> Hi Ben,
> I have added on my live-config configuration this option:
> --hooks lock-kernel
> and I have added this lock-kernel file in
> "/usr/share/doc/live-build/examples/hooks" directory:
> #!/bin/bash
> apt-mark hold linux-image-`uname -r`
> what's wrong in my configuration? is this a way for lock my kernel?

Daniel already explained that. What didn't you understand about his
explanation? Go back and re-read it, then precisely ask what you still
need to know.

> if not, what is the best way to run a script on first boot?

Read the live-config manual.


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