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Re: adding packages using live build

On 06/25/2013 06:26 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On 06/25/2013 05:40 PM, Jonathan Nadeau wrote:
>> After doing an lb config and setting up the skeleton. I noticed that if
>> i do a lb build it will build a small iso image. My question is in the
>> directory that I made with the lb config command, Where do i go to add
>> more packages? Is it the packages.list file? if so do I just put in the
>> package names with spaces inbetween them?  Thanks for your time and help.
> Yes, except use packages.list.chroot as per:
> http://live.debian.net/manual/stable/html/live-manual/customizing-package-installation#386
> Spaces, newlines, a mix of both. It doesn't matter.
> Don't forget to 'lb clean' before rebuilding when you modify your
> package choices.
> Ben

Thanks Ben i'll give that a shot.


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