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live-config_4.0~a24-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into experimental


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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 20:40:15 +0200
Source: live-config
Binary: live-config live-config-doc live-config-systemd live-config-sysvinit
Architecture: source all
Version: 4.0~a24-1
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Live Systems Maintainers <debian-live@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Daniel Baumann <mail@daniel-baumann.ch>
 live-config - Live System Configuration Components
 live-config-doc - Live System Configuration Components (documentation)
 live-config-systemd - Live System Configuration Components (systemd backend)
 live-config-sysvinit - Live System Configuration Components (sysvinit backend)
 live-config (4.0~a24-1) experimental; urgency=low
   [ chals ]
   * Fixing typo in live-config.7 manpage.
   * Spreading typo fix to translation files.
   * Updating Spanish translation of man page.
   * Updating French translation of man page.
   * Fixing accentuation error in the Spanish translation of the man page.
   * Fixing spacing error in the Spanish translation of the man page.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Marking some internal variables explictly internal again.
   * Making dpkg-divert calls more robust.
   * Unifying usage of debconf temporary files.
   * Unifying usage of debconf temporary files.
   * Unifying usage of debconf preseeding.
   * Moving logfile pipe to /tmp.
   * Moving script to eject live media to live-tools.
   * Reorganizing backend in source tree.
   * Reorganizing frontend in source tree.
   * Reorganizing middleend in source tree.
   * Making middleend standalone.
   * Updating frontend calls in backends.
   * Refactoring cmdline parsing within middleend components.
   * Exporting shared variables in live-config.
   * Updating manpage to speak about components rather than scripts, live-
     config is language independent now.
   * Transitioning from scripts to components when refering to middleend.
   * Renaming live-config|config to live-config.components|components and
     live-noconfig|noconfig to live-config.nocomponents|nocomponents in
     preparation for custom persistence for live-config components.
   * Updating manpage to reflect changed activation boot parameters.
   * Adding user-setup component back for legacy support until live-
     debconfig is ready for prime time in debian-live.
   * Updating frontend calls in rules.
   * Updating paths in live-config-update.
   * Installing live-config to /bin instead of /sbin.
   * Correcting cosmetic typo in live-config-update status message.
   * Updating example package for live-config-foobar.
 eb3a655c476fafdbaee8e0dce9f7fbff82b40d38 1507 live-config_4.0~a24-1.dsc
 77ed327db0e77a56d3bd3d79502316a38c9ebdfd 62848 live-config_4.0~a24.orig.tar.xz
 ea4d37d1191c0dec1b0c7e7f9410dadc8d55e69a 15476 live-config_4.0~a24-1.debian.tar.xz
 b257cd48809f41ea48f665c60575bf7fc9d81ab2 28256 live-config_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 76fdc90d25d16fe8b3615107d2837172c6765aa7 54892 live-config-doc_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 835054066066ba3bc68e475bfb073be219c6f413 16888 live-config-systemd_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 95dbb6dd2cec244598a68920bdd81d63fdc909fc 18040 live-config-sysvinit_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 93387d50e336d4e354d651dd3f75ded05dea11ba4fbcfb13a57fee565749ea2b 1507 live-config_4.0~a24-1.dsc
 d3c2cd4815bc12f612b25f9b48ae147b86d30c17f69aa70616818ffe1ada10b9 62848 live-config_4.0~a24.orig.tar.xz
 b13c9ee12aef973d5a092601350c46a63e054b1becb07aded5711afded5c7c9c 15476 live-config_4.0~a24-1.debian.tar.xz
 62a3c315a7394635b156925d236de446d3cce65ec6d26148f74ccf54cd0b847a 28256 live-config_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 8905b65a343bae1caa464f4acefe50c483071d223a0182d39d8671824349edbb 54892 live-config-doc_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 36c09124b7c63b2e82a77f03713ab0564551bd30439aa9abe27c4d0603538a24 16888 live-config-systemd_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 e3953e8551f936461277bf5f06fb53da66336510cbcc3cbf2b85effcb78aa894 18040 live-config-sysvinit_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 642582875e40e4f0552d69b0091c4d45 1507 misc optional live-config_4.0~a24-1.dsc
 7450bf6109e0a191355a13555291331b 62848 misc optional live-config_4.0~a24.orig.tar.xz
 2beb9980f8a6a4420eebeddec35818e1 15476 misc optional live-config_4.0~a24-1.debian.tar.xz
 205bb3dfba4a14f345ab038ca26e245a 28256 misc optional live-config_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 b04a285e3189840981554f94fe73e9c2 54892 doc optional live-config-doc_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 7d58a5bb72204cd625e145f7303e2a74 16888 misc optional live-config-systemd_4.0~a24-1_all.deb
 2fa435edb3bb5faec828c866a6cccf90 18040 misc optional live-config-sysvinit_4.0~a24-1_all.deb

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