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Bug#712232: LIVE_NOCONFIGS in /etc/live/config/* broken

Package: live-config
Version: 3.0.23-1
Severity: normal

In Tails [1] we set:


in /etc/live/config/noroot.conf, but with live-config 3.0.23-1 these
exceptions are *not* honoured (e.g. /etc/sudoers.d/live is created).
They worked fine until (and including) version 3.0.12-1.

For the record, appending `live-noconfig=sudo,policykit` to the kernel
command line works as expected even in version 3.0.23-1, so the issue
must have something to do with the /etc/live/config/* files.


[1] https://tails.boum.org


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