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install new CA

what is the best way to install a new root CA?

I've added this hook file in this path:

> config/chroot_local-hooks/ca

with this content:

> #!/bin/bash
> update-ca-certificates 

and i've added the new root ca in this chroot directory:

> config/includes.chroot/usr/share/ca-certificates/


|GPG Id key: 4096R/DAA26AC4 2012-12-07      	                |
|GPG Fingerprint: 19D8011C 81891778 7A1986DC 28E8567F DAA26AC4  |
|OTR Fingerprint: 86F3EE43 8A9340D2 FF92A828 81C84DC2 FEDD839E  |

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