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Re: build abosolute minimal LIVE with network support

On 07/06/13 04:54 PM, piotr wrote:
> Howto build abosolute minimal LIVE Squeeze with network support?
> I've created live using:
> lb config -b hdd -k 486 -p minimal --binary-indices false --memtest none
> --apt-recommends false --includes none

The -p option is not supported in live-build 3.x. Don't use it.

> Now if I boot from usb, there is no network support.

You cannot use --apt-recommends false without also including packages
that are recommends of live-boot and live-config. Of course, live-manual
covers this. Please read it and follow the advice there.

Please see the minimal example in Examples section of live-manual for
ideas about how to make a minimal image.


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