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Re: Where are the images ?

On 17/05/13 10:49 PM, Jeff Crissman wrote:
> Will leaving grub-installer out of the build still result in an
> installable image ?

It seems you're trying to solve some issue you've encountered. Care to
share the details?

grub-installer is a udeb, not a normal deb. If you look at
http://packages.debian.org/grub-installer you will see it is in the
debian-installer archive area. That is why you can't include it in your
package list. Normally a user need not worry about selecting individual
udebs to include in a live image, which is an 'advanced' technique you
would need to use live-build on your own system to accomplish. Simply
including the installer in your image via the --debian-installer option
is all you need in order to make it work.

In any case, I highly recommend building your own images on your own
system via live-build, especially if you want an installer image. It
appears the cgi builder only supports --debian-installer true/false, and
not the vastly superior 'live' variant which installs the contents of
the live filesystem.


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