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Re: create own user in usb wheezy live

El 27/03/13 22:16, debmailist@Safe-mail.net escribió:
>> you can pass the username via kernel parameter (in syslinux)
>       > or you can add the file:
> This is not the way to create new user, this is the way to just change name of default live-user.
> Default live-user isn't even present in actual system, he is created from scratch by boot script at every system start.
> To create "real" user you can add "--interactive shell" parameter to lb config, and in run "useradd" in command line during build procedure. The same way you can set root password ("passwd" command).
> If you are using persistence, you can also add new user standard way in running system.
> To prevent default live user autologin use "noautologin" bootparameter.
> To prevent Debian live from creating default live-user change default "config" bootparameter to "noconfig=user-setup".
>       > read the man live-config
> There aren't any informations about creating new user in there.
you are right, alternative if you want add *another* user, maybe you use
a live hooks

you can add config/include.chroot/lib/live/config/999-add-custom-user
and put useradd commands

Fernando Toledo
Dock Sud BBS

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