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Bug#701614: live-boot: persistence not working with luks encrypted image

On 25/02/13 10:08, Peter Schaefer wrote:
persistence not working with luks encrypted image file
patch from bugreport #700902 is applied
test configuration
Partition:  Labeled:      DEBIAN-HOME
             formated as:  ext2
contained image file named persistence
             size: 210MByte
             formated as: luks
             contained ext2 filesystem
             labeled: persistence
echo "/home">  ./persistence.conf

bootparameter: persistence persistence-encryption=luks,none

during boot no stop to enter passphrase
partition DEBIAN-HOME is mounted to /lib/live/mount/persistence/sda2
image persistent is visible in places, locked and need password to open
will be mounted to/media/persistence/
persistence.conf is present

the attached  patch solves the problem

best regards Peter Schaefer

-- Package-specific info:

Luks-encrypted persistence file confirmed working here, similar to as you describe, with your patch applied. Both full- and home-persistence. Thanks, that is a most valuable functionality.

Using a syslinux usb pen: sdb1 (FAT32) for live-media and sdb2 (ext2, not luks) with a LUKS persistence file labelled "persistence" containing an ext2 filesystem also labelled "persistence", boot options persistence-encryption=none,luks


If using findiso the live-media mountpoint is expected to be on /lib/live/mount/findiso but is instead on /lib/live/mount/persistence/sdb1

I don't know about fromiso, probably will behave similarly

Although that did not prevent it from actually working, it was fixed here by editing:

black_listed_devices="$(what_is_mounted_on /live/medium)"


black_listed_devices="$(what_is_mounted_on /live/medium) $(what_is_mounted_on /live/findiso) $(what_is_mounted_on /live/fromiso)"


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