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Bug#664053: Fwd: Re: Bug#664053: unable to eject cd when using toram

unarchive 664053
reopen 664053

I'm still experiencing this problem with the Wheezy candidate image.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and burn:
2. Boot the CD and press Tab when the boot menu appears
3. Type in ' toram' (space toram without the quotes) and press Enter
4. Wait until booting has completed and the shell prompt appears
5. Press the Eject button on the CD/DVD ROM drive

The drive does not respond and in fact you may hear the disc still
spinning for a long time after booting completed.
Even pressing the reset button does not return the drive to a state
where the disc can be ejected, the machine needs to be power cycled.

I also tested on a fresh sid standard image generated today using the
live-build web-frontend with the same results.

Could this be a problem with any other component besides live-build?


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