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Re: Boot process stops on live-config: message (using fromiso boot option)

On 06/01/13 09:10, Baurzhan Muftakhidinov wrote:
I've built sid-based image with recent live-* scripts, and my image won't boot
on real HW. I am using fromiso option.
Boot process stops on live-config: message and debug does not add any
useful info.
However it boots in Qemu (as CD image), but it seems like no
configuration applies in that case, i.e. hostname is localhost.localdomain
and auto login won't work.


Similar problem confirmed here...

Using findiso and a syslinux usb stick. This custom image has
preconfigured live-user so selected config scripts only are required. It
is wheezy with newest sid live-config and live-boot.

During boot "live-config" displays then total freeze, have to cut the power

in virtualbox without any config options enabled on cmdline it booted
but I got this from a screenshot:

live-config:/lib/live/config.sh: 227: /lib/live/config.sh: cannot create
/var/log/live/config.pipe: Interrupted system call

Looks like the new log redirection method is the cause


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