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Re: Fwd: Re: build 64bit --

On 28/12/12 04:44 AM, teseo wrote:
>> i have a dedicated pc to build the 64b image (crunch amd64 release). With
>> the same release (lb 2.0.12) and script that i use to build an i386 iso,
>> crunch report me during the process this error:
>> E: Unable to locate package linux-image-2.6-486
>> my initial script:
>> lb clean --purge
>>         lb config noauto \
>>         -a amd64 \
>>         -k 486 \
>>         --apt apt \
>> i must upgrade lb to work correctly with amd64?

Just drop '-k 486'. The correct kernel for amd64 architecture systems is
an amd64 flavour kernel (the default for the amd64 architecture).

Also, why do you have 'lb clean --purge' in your build script? Is this
your auto/config script? The auto/clean script is supposed to handle
cleaning, not the config script.


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