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Re: Centralized updates of debian-live systems

Il giorno 06/dic/12, alle ore 08:13, Daniel Baumann ha scritto:

On 12/05/2012 11:02 PM, Davide Natalini wrote:


please do not hijack threads, start a new one by writing a new mail, not by replying to an existing one.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was doing that.

Any comments, ideas, suggestions or other about this is much appreciated

i'd probably use one read-only persistency over nfs for all clients (will need some patches to make it work) in such a scenario, and update the persistency on the nfs server whenever required.

I'm not willing to have a server for this, for a number of reasons:
* I would be forced to work only on the server, and probably only when all the clients are down
* a server would become crucial for the work of too many people
* a system with a single server does not scale up well: if the number of clients grows, the overall performance goes down, and/or its cost grows up * the clients are in use in a school: at the beginning of a lesson all the clients will have simultaneous requests to the server * every single client is powerful enough to run a standalone system with a good performance

I think a system like the one I'm proposing would be very interesting for all the applications with many identical systems, like schools.

Does anyone have had good/bad experiences in a similar context?

Thank you,

Davide Natalini

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