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Re: Casper set hostname via dhcp in boot time ubuntu 12.04 live remix

Hello, Johannes Amorosa!

Looking at your script, especially at obsolete `ifconfig` command
invocation, reverse DNS request and lot of awk regexp'es, i can
consider, that you have already setupped DNS zone and static
DHCP-reservations for each PC.

If so you can use for ISC DHCP `get-lease-hostnames` flag, which is
described in man dhcpd.conf:
"         The get-lease-hostnames statement is used to tell dhcpd
whether or not to look up the domain name corresponding  to  the
         IP  address  of each address in the lease pool and use that
address for the DHCP hostname option.  If flag is true, then
         this lookup is done for all addresses in the current scope.
By default, or if flag is false, no lookups are done."

If not you can use `option host-name =  host-decl-name` for ISC DHCP,
but only if you have specified hostnames in dhcpd.conf.

If you have specified hostnames only in DNS zones files, i can suggest
you to simply copy (move) these hostnames to dhcpd.conf and setup

WBR, hope my advice will be helpful

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