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Re: Problems in Sid setting custom live-hooks (and findiso)

No replies on this yet. A new version is since released. I still can't get live-hooks working in sid live-boot without personal hacks.

The modification I posted earlier for /lib/live/config.sh was not the right way to do it (although it worked)

In squeeze that's where it was done. I see now there is now a new method but that is not yet working properly

Is the actual problem in line 13 of  /lib/live/config/9990-hooks ?

if [ -z "${LIVE_HOOKS}" ]

but ${LIVE_HOOKS} has not yet been set by 9990-hooks and was not set by /lib/live/config.sh Therefore 9990-hooks stops right there (and I can see it in the debug log), whether or not the correct cmdline entry exists.

The same code chunk is repeated in function "Process_hooks", probably in the right place because hooks=whatever has actually been set (or not) by then.

I tried rebuilding a live-image with that changed (removed) in 9990-hooks as described. Hooks then worked.

David Hare

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